So, where were we?

Still no word from folks at Facebook. But I’m still plugging away. Not surprised our inaugural comment was shill-esque.


8 thoughts on “So, where were we?

  1. Yes and was told via FB message that I gave an envelope to the person at the door. Totally untrue. I am awaiting the amended report to go online. My problem with the whole thing is if I was not anal and read candidate reports of races that I am interested in, that ummm mistake would be there forever. I am running for office in 2012 and that piece of false information could have been used to attack my loyalty and integrity.
    Learned a lot thru this mess tho!!!

  2. This is the correspondence I had about the mistaken donation

    Between You and Ivory Johnson

    October 6 at 5:51pm Report
    I received a phone call about your post regarding my Meet and Greet Fundraiser. My mother-in-law was at the front collecting envelopes. She told my wife that you had given her an envelope but she did not give you drink tickets. Cindy gave you the tickets and my mother-in-law filled in your name on the envelope since it was blank. Since it was advertised as a Fundraiser, it did not strike us at all odd that you contributed like the other guests. I just checked with my mother-in-law and she is positively certain this is what happened. However, if you would like, I will file an amended report.

    Le Peerman October 6 at 5:56pm
    Yes you should,. as that is NOT what happened at all. I walked in Sharon Baron came up to me introduced ourselves and I said “I am not paying anything I only came here to meet the candidate, if yo want us to leave that is ok” She said “no come on it” and went to get Dave. I had no envelope to give anyone so I did not give anyone an envelope Your mother in law is mistaken. I had a friend with me if proof is needed but since I know what happened. I believe it was advertised as a meet and greet and not a fund raiser which is the reason I went. I am pretty smart about what I do and would not attend a function that was a fund raiser when I had no intention of donating. I went to “meet” Dave Thomas.

    My email back to Ivory said that it was not listed as a fund raiser since it did not have the required information for a fund raiser per the campaign treasurers book. The email bounced back since Ivory was now not on FB anymore.

  3. No I sent a message to Dave thru his web site but I had posted the problem on FB since I was pissed.
    I also sent an email to Sharon who did not know what I was talking about(I believe her). I received the FB message from Ivory. I am assuming someone called someone(Ivory according to the FB message) about the post I made on FB.

    • But the FB reply you posted came from “Ivory Johnson” FB account? And that message does not say that “Ivory” is forwarding the “Dave” Thomas response? Because the version you posted sure sounds like the “first person” to me: “I received a phone call”, “my mother-in-law”, “my wife”, “it did not strike us”, “I will file an amended report.”

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