Anti-Broom shill unmasked?

One of the last FB posts dealt with a financial report submitted by “Dave” Thomas to the Broward Supervisor Of Elections. Le Peerman noticed a contribution of $20 in her name.  While Ms. Peerman did in fact attend a “Dave” Thomas event in Coral Springs, she states she gave no contribution. She sent “Dave” Thomas a message via Facebook. According to Peerman, here’s what happened next:

“This is the correspondence I had about the mistaken donation

‘Between You and Ivory Johnson

October 6 at 5:51pm Report
I received a phone call about your post regarding my Meet and Greet Fundraiser. My mother-in-law was at the front collecting envelopes. She told my wife that you had given her an envelope but she did not give you drink tickets. Cindy gave you the tickets and my mother-in-law filled in your name on the envelope since it was blank. Since it was advertised as a Fundraiser, it did not strike us at all odd that you contributed like the other guests. I just checked with my mother-in-law and she is positively certain this is what happened. However, if you would like, I will file an amended report.

Le Peerman October 6 at 5:56pm
Yes you should,. as that is NOT what happened at all. I walked in Sharon Baron came up to me introduced ourselves and I said “I am not paying anything I only came here to meet the candidate, if yo want us to leave that is ok” She said “no come on it” and went to get Dave. I had no envelope to give anyone so I did not give anyone an envelope Your mother in law is mistaken. I had a friend with me if proof is needed but since I know what happened. I believe it was advertised as a meet and greet and not a fund raiser which is the reason I went. I am pretty smart about what I do and would not attend a function that was a fund raiser when I had no intention of donating. I went to “meet” Dave Thomas.’

My email back to Ivory said that it was not listed as a fund raiser since it did not have the required information for a fund raiser per the campaign treasurers book. The email bounced back since Ivory was now not on FB anymore.”



kraft and thomas meet one on one



8 thoughts on “Anti-Broom shill unmasked?

  1. But the FB reply you posted came from “Ivory Johnson” FB account? And that message does not say that “Ivory” is forwarding the “Dave” Thomas response? Because the version you posted sure sounds like the “first person” to me: “I received a phone call”, “my mother-in-law”, “my wife”, “it did not strike us”, “I will file an amended report.”

  2. Correct as I said I sent back an answer and then tried to add to the answer and that is when the account was gone. I did receive an email on my personal account after that.
    “Le, I am very sorry. My mother in law was certain. There was no malicious intent but an honest mistake. I apologize for any inconvenience. David”
    Which to me was a continuation of the conversation I was having with Ivory.

  3. Now you have all the information I have had on the subject and you can draw your own conclusions. I have already drawn mine. I have wrestled with this for awhile. I have asked advice from people I respect and I still made no decision on what to do. I made the decision today to release the information for my own self not to bash or attack anyone but because knowing what I knew was causing my moral compass to go crazy. I believe I gave enough time for the person to have written to me and say,”look I screwed up I got caught up I acted badly” but it did not come. I posted on Marty’s page and WatchingBroward’s page about honesty. I do not sling dirt nor make false accusations. I am not making one now. Draw your own conclusions.
    For the record Jaemi knew about this information and did not say anything about it to anyone or expose it. That to me is integrity. Plain and simple.

  4. I received this today and would appreciate you posting it in the sense of fairness

    Dave Thomas October 11 at 6:16pm Report
    Le – Two things. First, as requested, the change was made to the G2 financial report deleting your donation and listing it as annonymous. Please accept my apologies again. It was neither intentional nor malicious. My mother-in-law pointed you out as the woman who gave her the envelope and I marked your name on it, not thinking anything about it. In hindsight I probably should have asked you about it, but like I said, I didn’t think anything about it until I was shown your posting.

    Speaking about that, I would like to clarify that – not that I think it will make any difference. I was with a few former students who wanted to volunteer to work the polls during early voting. One of them had their computer and mention you “complaining” and when I inquired about what he was talking about he showed me. I immediately responded to it and hit send. The rest they say is history. Only after I hit send did I realize who he was – Ivory Johnson! I’ll admit, I had been informed about some of the posting Ivory was making; Sharon and Cindy both mentioned them. But until that moment (and too late), I had no idea who he was. So…
    1. Did I respond to you under the name Ivory? – Yes
    2. Am I Ivory? – No
    3. Is that person off facebook now? – yes
    I have tried to run a clean campaign but, as you well know, it is difficult to control the actions of others, particularly if you do not know who they are. I spoke with the young man in question and he immediately deleted the account. He thought he was “protecting” me but in the end did more harm that good. He, nor the rest of the group, have any idea who the other alias posters are; but if we find, we will take similar action.

    I appreciate your time and wish you the best in your race.

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