“Ivory Johnson wants to be friends with you on Facebook”

Ivory Johnson’s Greatest Hits:

“OK girls, now your panties are in a bind over the BTU’s snub of Jamie. You are trying to rationalize how on earth that could happen. You should also know that she was snubbed by the mayors in District 4 as well. In fact, her only elected supporter is disgraced and fired Commissioner, Patti Atkins Grad. Since Jamie has run for this position before, I’d have to imagine that the BTU and these elected officials know her well – and said NO. Instead of ranting on PeeWee’s board, maybe you should look at your candidate objectively and see what you are not seeing that appears to be very plain to others.” 9-18-2010

“Joan – you are such an angry, angry woman. No wonder you are single and BTU is your life. sad.” 10-5-2010

“I see that he’s also on TV at the local Marriott collected donations for the Jerry Lewis Telethon. So I guess this song is appropriate. Please turn to Channel 33 to donate to this worthy cause” 9-6-2010

“OKI, I’m confused. Why Barry’s kids? Isn’t the orange part of the Kiwanas charity group raising money? Please don’t take away from this charity event. It is too important to get into some political silliness which cannot help with their cause.” 9-6-2010

“There you go again diminishing charity work as “sitting on his ass” What did YOU do this morning except belittle people behind your cloak of anonymity?
You seemed to be very interested in my friends list and my “no real pics” – who are my children. (This from an alias with a cartoon broom) You know very well who many of my friends are since we share several. However, I cannot make all of my friends public for reasons that are really none of your business.
As far as a shill, I am not here to make any candidate look good or bad – that seems to be your job, except you aren’t doing a very good job. For some reason, your 5 groupies “like” even the dumbest things you post. They go orgasmic if your posts slam someone. They must be terribly lonely to find your inane humor funny.
However, this site is about you. Apparently you think you are helping Nora and/or Jaemi by posting stuff about their opponents. If you are a front for either or both of these women, negative campaigning rarely works, especially at the local level. I’d like to say this is my last post on your site but I know that is not true. You have a way of angering people that makes them what to scream.
BTW – Broward Cleansweep is friends with Barry Harris” 9-6-2010

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