“Dave” Thomas admits sending message as “Ivory Johnson”, but…

Just got this from Le Peerman. A response to her from “Dave” Thomas. She wants to be be as fair as possible to “Dave”:

“Dave Thomas October 11 at 6:16pm Report
Le – Two things. First, as requested, the change was made to the G2 financial report deleting your donation and listing it as annonymous. Please accept my apologies again. It was neither intentional nor malicious. My mother-in-law pointed you out as the woman who gave her the envelope and I marked your name on it, not thinking anything about it. In hindsight I probably should have asked you about it, but like I said, I didn’t think anything about it until I was shown your posting.

Speaking about that, I would like to clarify that – not that I think it will make any difference. I was with a few former students who wanted to volunteer to work the polls during early voting. One of them had their computer and mention you “complaining” and when I inquired about what he was talking about he showed me. I immediately responded to it and hit send. The rest they say is history. Only after I hit send did I realize who he was – Ivory Johnson! I’ll admit, I had been informed about some of the posting Ivory was making; Sharon and Cindy both mentioned them. But until that moment (and too late), I had no idea who he was. So…
1. Did I respond to you under the name Ivory? – Yes
2. Am I Ivory? – No
3. Is that person off facebook now? – yes
I have tried to run a clean campaign but, as you well know, it is difficult to control the actions of others, particularly if you do not know who they are. I spoke with the young man in question and he immediately deleted the account. He thought he was “protecting” me but in the end did more harm that good. He, nor the rest of the group, have any idea who the other alias posters are; but if we find, we will take similar action.

I appreciate your time and wish you the best in your race.”


5 thoughts on ““Dave” Thomas admits sending message as “Ivory Johnson”, but…

  1. As I posted below.
    Unless it can be proven differently I choose to believe him and the issue for me is closed.

  2. Just read the note from “Dave” again. Is it me, or did “Dave” fail to take responsibility for anything? He blamed a former student, he threw Sharon and Cindy under the bus, but never apologized for any of “Ivory” FB posts.

  3. again in the sense of fairness he takes responsibility for not contacting me sooner in this email

    Dave Thomas October 11 at 8:15pm Report
    Le – You are absolutely correct – you did provide ample opportuniuty and I blame no one but myself for that. Like you, I agonized for several days as to whether or not I should just let sleeping dogs lie or say something; and yes, I do understand the conclusion you drew and do not fault you for it. Like I said before, hindsight is always 20/20. Again, the best of luck to you.

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