Another Shill Unmasked???

Yes, this little corner of cyberspace has revealed that the “Dave” Thomas campaign was behind nasty Facebook shill “Ivory Johnson”.  There are more shills. One noted shill, Dewie Cheatum Howe, made the same error as “Ivory”.  They messaged me via their “regular” Facebook account instead of the shill account.  As with the “Dave” case, the shill promptly deleted the account. I keep records of all posts, messages and comments. I sent a message to the person behind the shill. Their identity was quite a surprise. I did not publicly reveal this shill’s true identity. I still won’t give exact name. But it has come to light that this shill may have ties to a former politician HEAVILY involved with attacks on me and those believed to be associated with me. The person behind “DEWIE CHEATUM HOWE” is the adult child of a prominent local politican.  That makes TWO shills, tied to local politicians/candidates, that have tried to silence me. Perhaps the identities of “NORM ROBERTS”, “NO CLEANSWEEP” and “BROWARD CONSCIENCE” will soon be revealed?


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