Stephanie Kraft blames the Sun-Sentinel!!!

So Stephanie Kraft alleges the Sun-Sentinel hid information about School Board Member Phyllis Hope because they were buddies with Frank Till? Maybe Tony Man or Mike Mayo or Akilah Johnson or even Dave Hyde should get on this ASAP. While their at it, they should ask WHO LEAKED HOPE’S SECURITY DOCUMENTS TO A FORMER OPPONENT. AN OPPONENT WHO ADMITS HE HATES HER!


One thought on “Stephanie Kraft blames the Sun-Sentinel!!!

  1. Stephanie Kraft just shows us parents what idiots we have on the school board and the games they play with each other. They do not care for our kids. We don’t like Marty because he took our friend Till away, so let’s get him! WAWAWAWAWA call the WAmbulance! Kraft and Levinson are buddies remember, keep Hope. She never hurt the kids, she has been used and abused just like our kids.

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