Uh-Oh, “Broward Parent” is really going to hate Bob Norman now.

“This woman is like a bad rash on the ass of Broward County.”

“It’s an idiotic conspiracy theory about why the Sun-Sentinel doesn’t savagely attack Phyllis Hope the way she wants it to. For Kraft to complain about “criminals” on the school board … well, that’s jaw-dropping considering the fact that she’s out on bond on a slew of felonies herself.”

“Rubinstein is to politics what herpes are to lips.”

“Anyway both Kraft and Rubinstein are trying to get Hope’s opponent, Laurie Rich Levinson, into office. I very rarely take sides in these nasty little political races and Levinson might be a perfectly good candidate, but I will say that an endorsement from the lowly likes of Kraft and Rubinstein should probably make voters run away from her on sight.”

“At the school board, NCIC data can be obtained by the Special Investigative Unit, which is indeed a small law enforcement agency. But the data is classified. It is not included in school board employee personnel files and generally isn’t revealed to the public. Hope says she was notified yesterday by SIU chief David Golt that the information is exempt from public record law. I asked school board spokeswoman Requel Bell, who spoke to school board attorneys and said even they weren’t sure whether or not the information is releasable under state and federal law. Bell said the board has not run into the question before. We’re hoping for a definitive answer today.”


Stephanie Kraft wants "Dave" Thomas to win her seat


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