Stephanie Kraft: “Don’t Give a Hoot”!!!

Referring to the Sun-Sentinel “cover-up, she says “We both know why.” Really Ms Kraft? Tell us why. Why did the Sun-Sentinel engage in a political cover-up to protect Phyllis Hope. Share your knowledge with us lowly peasants.  And the Laurie Rich Levinson stuff is pure BS. Tell us Ms Kraft, do you share common friends, confidants, advisers with Ms Levinson? Other than political functions or school board events, have you ever been the same location/house/building/room with Ms Levinson? Have you had any political discussions with or about Ms Levinson?Oh, don’t think I’m not tracking all those familiar phrases. “Kitchen cabinet”…”connecting the dots” funny how certain people use the same exact words. “Have all you ducks in order!”


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