Do Androids Dream Of Electric Scapegoats?

Smoke. Mirrors. Scapegoats. It’s becoming quite clear that the “Machine” is crafting a cover story(no pun intended). It is picking the sacrificial lambs and scapegoats.

Scapegoat number one is Michael Garretson. Stephanie Kraft has mentioned him numerous times. Garretson appears to be the cornerstone of the Kraft’s defense:

“The sad thing is, when the truth comes out, people will attack us for blaming the person who can’t defend himself because he is no longer with us.”

–Stephanie Kraft on Facebook, 9-22-2010 at 7:37pm

No matter what you think of Garretson, no matter his real sins, crimes or lapses in judgment, can he really be blamed for all the shenanigans at SBBC? Isn’t it always a good strategy to blame the dead guy?

Scapegoat number two is Frank Till. Four years after he left, they are still attacking Till.

“What Marty describes in Frank TIll was a culture of ignoring board direction and leaning on his business friends to lean on the BOard when Till was call on the carpet.”

—Chairperon, District Advisory Council (DAC) on Facebook, 10-13-2010 10:26am

“It’s because of the ties of someone high up in the S-S [Sun-Sentinel]to Frank Till. They were more concerned with getting revenge on Marty for firing their precious Frank Till. Till had the editorial board eating out of his hand.”

Kraft on Facebook, 10-14-2010 12:22pm

High level sources tell me that Kraft and her trusted adviser were driving forces behind Till’s ouster. These sources say they maneuevered other school board members to go along with plan to fire Till. Since Garretson died in June 2010, Till will take the blame for allowing Garretson to commit all his “sins”

“Don’t forget, its four years later and Till’s real record is only now coming to light. The construction cesspool is quite nicely being assigned to Till in some circles. Till also had the business community in his pocket and don’t think they didn’t line up forces against the Board.”

–Former School Board Member( District 6) on Facebook 10-14-2010 10:31pm

Scapegoat number three is Jim Notter. Again, I know many people are not Notter fans. Sources have presented both sides of the Notter case. But. no matter his real sins or poor performance, high level sources claim Kraft and her trusted adviser have been plotting against Notter since early 2009.

“Till took credit for everybody else’s success and blamed the failures on the school board. Even today, when Garretson screwed up, Notter did not take the blame, the board did.”

–Former School Board Member (District 6) on Facebook 10-14-2010 10:31pm

Still not convinced? Here is the plan to blame Notter in a nutshell:

“Till regime blew up all over him, the economy went into free fall which effective funding and the Union decided they were exempt from the ill effects of economy but make irresponsible raise demands. Notter could have handled certain things better but if all the BOard doesn’t hold a superintendent accountable then ………..”

–Chairperson District Advisory Council (DAC) on Facebook 10-13-201o 10:26am

Translation? School Board Members need to fall in line and hold Notter “accountable”.

So, if  Till and Notter have any friends left, they need to go these men. Tell them of the plan so they are under no illusions. Perhaps they hope they machine won’t expose them? Perhaps they subscribe to the MAD theory (Mutually Assured Destruction)?  They are wrong.

The Machine is nervous. It is worried. I’ve heard rumblings that the Machine’s top dog is willing to sacrifice parts of the inner sanctum.  Maybe Till and Notter have already done the right thing.? Maybe they have told investigators everything?

If the Machine gets its way on November 2 it will carry out this plan.

Can’t we all agree it’s better to spend retirement money on vacations and grand kids instead of lawyers and legal fees?


One thought on “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Scapegoats?

  1. Who is Stephanies lawyer? You would think he would advise her to keep her mouth shut, and stay as low profile as possible. Dumbass just can’t put her ego aside and slither away until sentencing.

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