Another Greatest Hits collection from a Shill

You wrote to Stephanie: Broward CleanSweep No problem at all. I think voters of District 4 should know who has your support. Come friend me. Would love to chat. I don’t bite.

Listen, she’s supporting Meyersohn in public. Leave her alone. I don’t think her supporting anyone is going to help them reallyl. How she really feels doesn’t matter to anyone and doesn’t matter to the election. If i were a candidate, I wouldn’t want an incumbant that most people wanted out (like the others as well) supporting me so it’s just as well.
I don’t appreciate your posting the above. It shows me you aren’t keeping talks secret.” 8-16-2010

“Ivory…ethics and campaign violations from a school board candidate? That’s nothing!  Cleansweep is the antithesis of investigative reporting.  Try Stephanie Kraft and Dave Thomas chatting……now that’s news to him.” 9-16-2010

Oh darn….I sign on here after Yom Kippur and an evening out  hoping yet again that cleansweep will provide answers and nothing!  Nada! Another thread dies a slow death.” 9-19-2010

Holy Moly….couldn’t this wait until after Yom Kippur?” 9-19-2010

Oh thanks.  I have a SAF meeting there.  Was really excited.  Is that near the Coconut Creek Promenade?  I just love that place.” 9-21-2010

Subject: REMOVE
Remove my photo and any other photo that you stole immediately or I will report you to FB for copyright infringement.” 10-6-2010

Yes it’s right in your neck of the woods.   Maybe we can have a Cerveza at Lime after the meeting?” 9-21-2010

I’m pretty sure someone here has been drinking the Kool-Aid tonight.” 9-20-2010

I wish I could go…I have another meeeting.  I really don’t anything about Levenson but people have told me great things.  I only know Hope so I cannot make a comparison.   But I must comment that there are no “powers” behind Dave Thomas like Levenson.  What I mean is he doesn’t have those funds at all.   All the endorsements he has, he has met with the people, talked with them and gotten written endorsements.  The other day he just got Senator Jeremy Ring’s endorsement.    It’s all about getting out there and hitting the  pavement.” 9-13-2010

I was mad at you. 😦 but that was last week. Guess you just noticed.” 9-12-2010

Norm…Jay is Cleansweep.   Cleansweep doesn’t even live in Broward County.” 9-10-2010

Uh, it’s been 2 days and you have “The Nothing”  But thanks for the entertainment anyway! ” 9-3-2010

Well, Cleansweep…I give you an A for your subtle way of coming out.  Jay fits the profile of someone who would make up this little site. ” 9-2-2010

Re: Hi
Call me I’m bored 954-***-9*** I’m sitting here at the local moose lodge and drinking. It’s freaking noon!” 8-29-2010

Do some research.  Harris found Thomas as soon as he registered his candidacy for the school board last summer.  The Chait wasn’t in the news until this summer when Patte was arrested.   You are really having a slow news day if you are trying to connect the two which
makes me think you have some sort of agenda on here.” 8-26-2010

I’m glad no one took a photo of me and you the other night during that romantic dinner at Arby’s, Broomie.” 8-25-2010

Did you retype this Cleansweep? It’s full of typos.  Surely Barry doesn’t type proposals this unintelligible” 8-18-2010

I doubt you’d ever get Dave to post on here but I think….if it hasn’t already, he has parted ways with Harris.  Dave, is a teacher and not a politician and really got ripped off.   Is there really a class for how to run a successful campaign out there?  No there isn’t but getting out there and meeting people is a good start.” 8-18-2010

When the BTU gives candidates campaign money such as these endorsed candidates have received, then they should not be able to vote on BTU items in the future. ” 8-13-2010

If we elect Laurie will the school board still need Georgia Slack?” 8-12-2010

I think you should stop using this person’s name until you have proof.  I’d like to see yours although I’m sure most people know who you are.    Anyway, I’d really hate it to see you hurting innocent people.   Listen,  I know you work hard at the SB.  I read all the blogs and this stuff but I still can go into the school board meetings and show utmost respect for everyone.  It’s the right thing to do.  I don’t hate anyone…I actually pretty much llike everyone that I come across.   So the best thing that should have been done with this site is just leave it alone.”  8-10-2010

BC…this is just a hunch, but there is this girl named Abigail Prince who is starting to “friend” everyone. Yet she has no personal friends. Just politicians. She’s ficticious and won’t answer questions. She doesn’t exist in search engines. I think she’s created by JJ. The photo is too model perfect. Her profile is too vague. It’s all fake. Just have a look and you will see.”  8-8-2010



One thought on “Another Greatest Hits collection from a Shill

  1. You are using my artwork without buying it. I can still see the watermark across it. Please go to my website and purchase this clipart or I will have to turn you in.

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