Another BOGUS report from Phyllis Hope’s former opponent?

Yesterday, Phyllis Hope’s former opponent and current nemesis posted a picture of a Hope palm card. It was a primary card with the August date blacked out and “Nov2” written in black marker. The Hope nemesis, who has posted classified security documents pertaining to Ms Hope, alleged unethical behavior; The primary card mentioned a BTU endorsement of Ms. Hope. While the BTU co-endorsed Hope in the primary, it has given its endorsement to her opponent , Laurie Rich Levinson, in the general election. Some say Ms Hope’s nemesis is obsessed with her. Perhaps someone should ask Ms Levinson if she is employing the Hope nemesis or his companies or any relatives or close associates. Below is a picture of the current Hope palm card.


2 thoughts on “Another BOGUS report from Phyllis Hope’s former opponent?

  1. Ugh…more of the same. Keep Hope on the School Board…this just shows how desperate these people are. Clearly, the Nov. 2 card is correct.

  2. Very desperate – they are trying everything. Either the “nemesis” IS obsessed or is clearly working for the Levinson campaign. Otherwise, why would you try to ruin someone like Ms. Hope who has gone to bat for our children and Broward Schools staff time after time. I will be so happy when experience, integrity and passion drive elections. The negativity is discouraging – especially in a race for a person that will make decisions relative to our Broward students! Let’s get to the issues!! My Child attends a Broward Public School and I don’t give a damn about a palm card and what date it reads!

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