Phyllis Hope getting high marks for her performance on BROWARD CLEANSWEEP ON THE AIR

Many thanks to Ms Phyllis Hope for being our guest tonight. She gave us an update on the Security Leak Scandal. Not surprised that no one from mainstream media has contacted her about it. Laurie Rich Levinson is invited to join us for equal time.


2 thoughts on “Phyllis Hope getting high marks for her performance on BROWARD CLEANSWEEP ON THE AIR

  1. I loved your radio show last night with Ms. Hope – keep up the great work! I am so glad that some of the scandoulous things being done by the Levinson camp is finally being brought to light. Ms. Levinson is a strong contender due to her mother being Nan Rich ONLY! She claims to be a businesswoman, I’ve been waiting for someone to ask this woman what business she owns and how it is performing. I’ve watched two debates with Ms. Hope and Ms. Levinson – in both Ms. Hope ran circles around Ms. Levinson who has no fresh ideas, no experience, no passion and absolutely no personality. Basically, she’s a coached politician. Ms. Hope has been a common sense Board Member who has sided more with our children and staff then the politics involved. We need to keep her on the Board. People of her integrity, passion and heart are hard to find.

  2. Phylis Hope, you restored my HOPE in public schools. Thank you SO MUCH for making navigation of District 6 and the School Board of Broward County in general a lot easier! No longer do I have to dread the previously perceived cloak of secrecy of school administration — you de-mystified it for me.

    My kid’s education is SAFE in your hands.

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