Another local reporter fails to figure out who is running the Levinson campaign

A local blogger and former Sun-Sentinel reporter posted this nugget about LAURIE RICH LEVINSON’s fund-raising  prowess. To his credit, he correctly notes that most of the Levinson money comes from non-local sources. But he can’t resist attacking Phyllis Hope for hiring Bev Gallagher’s daughter to create a website. I don’t think the young woman, who is active in local Democratic circles, should be tainted by her mother’s crimes. So why did he mention it?

What’s really interesting , he can’t seem to figure out who is running the LEVINSON campaign. For months Broomie fans have known that Levinson uses SUNSTREAM STRATEGIES LLC; This information is easily found on The Broward Supervisor of Elections website. A quick check of the State of Florida’s website shows that SUNSTREAM STRATEGIES LLC is owned and operated by ASHLEY WALKER.

Numerous news reports show Ms. Walker rose to fame in 2008 as part of TEAM OBAMA. She is director of OFA FL (ORGANIZING FOR AMERICA FLORIDA) which is the political arm of the OBAMA WHITE HOUSE.  Records from Florida’s Elections website show Ms. Walker is also being paid by the DNC and assists FAIR DISTRICTS FLORIDA ( the group behind Amendments 5 and 6).

Ashley Walker is listed as one of the “hosts” for STEPHANIE KRAFT’s coffee meet and greet in 2006.


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