“Dave” Thomas goes on the Record with Daily Pulp

From Bob Norman’s Daily Pulp:

First I asked him about the rather notorious photo of his meeting with Kraft at a Starbucks in Coral Springs prior to the primary vote.

You first have to understand she is a J.P. Taravella parent,” said Thomas. “I know Stephanie Kraft, my wife knows Stephanie Kraft. We’re not best friends, but we do know each other.

He said Kraft initially supported Robert Meyersohn, but that changed at the Starbucks meeting which he claimed was unplanned.

Thumbnail image for krafthomas.jpg
Kraft and Thomas during Starbucks meeting

It was a chance meeting actually,” Thomas told me. “I was in Starbucks, I go there occasionally but not all the time. I happened to be there and had a tea. She came in, saw me, and sat down. She said, ‘You know I supported Mayersohn. He probably isn’t going to win.’ She said, ‘I think it’s going to be you and Jaemi [Levine] that comes through in the primary. I will probably help you. Ii have friends that can help you with early voting, PTA moms and some others.

That little gaggle of so-called “PTA moms” included one of Kraft’s key political allies, Terese Nipon, who directs voting drives with a non-profit group called “Kids Voting Broward.” On the board of that group is, notably, Beverly Stracher, the political consultant who represented the dirty developer, Bruce Chait, who paid off the Krafts. Also on the list is fake ethics champion Norm Ostrau.

If Kraft had one single most cherished advisor and political ally, it was most likely Nipon. Her school board cell phone records show the two women were in oftten constant contact with numerous long conversations. (emphasis mine)


go to full article to see “Dave’s” take on the Kraft arrest. Priceless. No wonder he hired that consultant.



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