Did “Dave” Thomas physically injure his opponent?

from Bob Norman’s The Daily Pulp:

” ‘[Thomas] offered me his hand after the debate, which I took, and he started to squeeze,‘ said Levine told me this morning. ‘Very quietly he said, ‘Don’t ever question my honesty and integrity again.

Inside see what happened next (hint: “Ivory Johnson” is involved).

Levine says Thomas, a high school teacher and former naval officer, was apparently angry that she had mentioned during the debate that his “greatest suppporter” — former School Board Member Stephanie Kraft — had been arrested and jailed recently. She had also said that while her integrity had not been questioned, Thomas’s had and told the audience to Google him.

What Levine said after Thomas told her never to question his integrity again only put more gasoline on the fire.

Really, Ivory?’ she said.

Read the full story:



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