Stephanie Kraft responds to Broomie!

I guess it is too much to expect you to tell the accurate story. I was not there “shilling” for Dave Thomas. I was there “shilling” for Sound of Music. I was handing out cards for Sound of Music. Ask your favored candidate, I gave her one, too. I was wearing a drama shirt and a band hat and was there solely for Sound of Music. Ask Fred Schiff, owner of All County Music and host of the debate, if you don’t believe me, I had called him and asked if I could do that and he said yes. Love your pictures, but I went in to the debate AFTER it ended (your pictures above clearly show me OUTSIDE the debate while it was still ongoing) and said hello to the people who remained after the debate was over, including JPT’s former band director who I was talking to in one of your pictures, Fred Schiff, and others. I did say hello to the Thomases, as I also said hello to Jaemi. Unless you were there, which I don’t know, I assume you got your information from Jaemi or her shill, it is too bad they deliberately gave you wrong information, or you got the correct information but once again choose to mislead by twisting the facts.

So, I ask Ms Kraft: Did you communicate with either “DAVE” or “CINDY” Thomas after the debate via telephone? Did you meet them after the debate at a location other than the site of the debate? What is your response to Bob Norman’s story about your ties to Terese Nipon? Are you in regular contact with Ms Nipon? Are you and Ms Nipon advising another school board candidate? Is “Dave” Thomas correct when he told Bob Norman that you had been backing Robert Mayersohn? Were you and Ms Nipon also supporting Penny Madden? Were you aware Ms Madden served on the Facilities Task Force with Ms Nipon? What is your relationship with Jeanne Jusevic of the DAC? Does she perform research for you? What is your involvement with KIDS VOTING BROWARD? Are you aware of any use of PTA, parent or student information to target voters for electioneering purposes? Are you aware of who leaked classified school board documents regarding Phyllis Hope to her former opponent? Is the former District 6 School Board member and  Barry Harris still working on the Dave Thomas campaign in any capacity? Were you aware of the true identity of “IVORY JOHNSON”?  Is Ashley Walker assisting the “DAVE”  Thomas campaign? Do you really believe the Sun-Sentinel was involved in a political cover-up to protect Frank Till? Do you have regular contact with any employees of the Sun-Sentinel or the Miami Herald? Were you and Ms. Nipon involved in the machinations to remove Frank Till? Are you and Ms. Nipon involved in machinations to remove Jim Notter from his post?


Don’t say I never asked.


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