Why does Cindy Crawford Thomas continue to attack Jaemi Levine?

Reports all week of the hyper-aggressive tactics of the Thomas campaign. “DAVE” and Cindy havpursued voters and library patrons at the Coral Springs early voting location. But their tactics have not been limited to chasing the general public.

Earlier this week,  Cindy Thomas, within earshot of Ms. Levine’s daughter, told voters Levine was an “alcoholic”;  This prompted Levine’s daughter to defend her mother.

On Thursday, Levine heard Cindy Thomas tell voters that her husband was the “only one in race with a college degree”.

Today, Cindy Thomas confronted Levine over comments that Stephanie Kraft “endorsed Dave Thomas”. Cindy stated that it was not true.

Cindy enlisted the help of another candidate’s wife to question Levine about  “the lack of witnesses” to the infamous crushing handshaking on Wednesday night.  Developing…


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