LEVINE story from Channel 10…Why does “DAVE” THOMAS think this is funny???

“So I took his hand and he squeezed it really hard and pulled me close and said, ‘Don’t ever question my honesty or integrity again’ and he wouldn’t let go,” Levine told Local 10’s Roger Lohse. “And finally I just had to say loudly, ‘Let go of my hand, you’re hurting me,’ and he just threw it down, turned his back and said, ‘I did no such thing,'” she said.It happened Tuesday night at the All County Music Store in Tamarac, which hosted a debate between the two candidates. There were a few people who actually witnessed the handshake but many more witnessed Levine’s reaction afterward.”Jaemi was hurt that night,” said witness Bob Sutton, who claims Levine was clearly upset when he tried to have a picture taken of himself with the candidates.”Jaemi was complaining that she was injured, that she was hurting, and Dave was saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going touch you, I’m not going to touch you,'” Sutton said.





One thought on “LEVINE story from Channel 10…Why does “DAVE” THOMAS think this is funny???

  1. Seems a left over from generations, where in those often unchanging social times, was a laughing issue, especially among those with the most over- active macho styles, both male and female… the most insecure and fearful among the slime. Still alive and well and definitely slipping through the cracks and under the filthy, slimy polluted coral rocks below our Florida sands!

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