Heads Held High

The things worth fighting for never come easy.

The Machine worked the magic. But their “magic”has been revealed.

A few victories do not make them better than you. They are still the same sad souls; small people with secrets to hide. People who are afraid to admit they’ve lost their way.

Many of you helped uncover their secrets. Your reward still awaits.

Yesterday will be remembered as one of the last victories of The Machine.

This has never been about one election. Or one candidate. Or me.

This Army is growing. It’s on the move. We fight for our kids. We fight for our grand-kids. We fight for each other.

We fight to show good people there are others like them…To show them they will not stand alone.

We fight to prove everyone is not corruptible.  We will prove them wrong.

Faith is a good thing. Maybe the best of things.

Thank you.


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