“Compensation for the emeritus position was not a part of that contract. The Legal Services Committee, consisting of Marko, Superintendent Jim Notter, Board Chairwoman Jennifer Gottlieb, board member Bob Parks and, until her suspension, board member Stephanie Kraft, voted to continue paying Marko at his current salary of over $216,000 for the year he would serve as a mentor with the title general counsel emeritus.”
The salary item for Marko’s new position was placed on the Tuesday’s consent agenda, a list of items that typically get approved without discussion unless a board member removes it.”



  1. I know this is shocking to hear, but the paper has it wrong. The Legal Services Committee did not vote to pay Marko any amount. I just listened to the Board meeting where they were discussing it just now and Phyliss even asked where is the salary, and Notter said the salary is not included and has not been discussed. So, unless the Legal Services Committee met since October 4th, which I don’t know, the Legal Services Committee, while I was on it, did not vote to pay Marko, nor did they put in the salary in the job description.

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