Phyllis Hope Stays Classy

Contrary to comments from the bitter and small types, We have never give Ms Hope a “free ride”. (Check my coverage of the District 6 primary)

A tipster sent these comments from today’s school board meeting. I thought they were too good not to share:

“[Hope said] I called Ms. Levinson to congratulate her on her victory. I didn’t receive that call when I received this job. I sincerely hope that Ms. Levinson calls the person that beats her.”

4 thoughts on “Phyllis Hope Stays Classy

  1. Clean Sweep you sure did not give Phyllis a free ride at all, and I have supported her against regime candidates from her first run. She ran a good campaign, and I hope she keeps her hand in.

  2. Phyllis deserves to be on that deis…it is sad to see a true voice for the children leaving the School Board after only one term…

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