Le Peerman running for Margate Commission

Broomie fans should recognize the name Le Peerman.  “Dave” Thomas emailed  Peerman as “IVORY JOHNSON” on Facebook.


Ms. Peerman proved to be a tough, fair-minded critic of “The Machine”. While Broomie doesn’t make endorsements( it would do more harm than good), Margate folks should do their homework.

“The Machine” has a long memory. No doubt they will target her for some payback. Drop Ms Peerman a message and you’ll get an honest answer.

From the Sun-Sentinel:

“The nine who confirmed that they have opened an account are Richard Popovic, Le Peerman, Robert Perkis, Judy McKeone, Jimmy Meal, Frank Masana, John Hall, Phil Hylander and Mario Imatore.

Vice Mayor Frank Talerico said that while he was aware of some of the candidates, many either never come to meetings or aren’t involved, or they turn up around election time with a sudden interest in holding office.

‘What puzzles me is where have these people been?’ Talerico said. ‘They come to a couple of meetings before the election, and then you don’t see them for a few years until there’s another election. I like to see people who get involved run for office.’

What he considers especially important, though, is coming to more than a month or two of meetings, as well as consistently contributing thoughts and ideas to the city.

Popovic, Peerman and Perkis are meeting staples and can be seen and heard at every Commission meeting – and all of whom Talerico said know what is in store for the race and what commissioners do week-to-week.”



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