Will The New School Board Give Us Any Answers?

The School Board Of Broward County is about to get some new members: Nora Rupert, Patti Good, “Dave” Thomas and Laurie Rich Levinson. Will the taxpayers of Broward County get any new answers?

–Will they find out who leaked Phyllis Hope’s classified security documents to her former opponent? Can they guarantee the secrecy of every School Board employee file?

–Will they address potential conflicts in the Marko/Becker Poliakoff/Laurie Rich Levinson mess?

–Will they address the nepotism at the Transportation Department?

–Will they address misuse of Parent/Child information for electioneering purposes?

–Will they address the use of a well-connected non-profit organization to “educate” our children about politics?

–Will they address formation of non-profits and charities by sitting School Board members?


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