High-Level source, with access to the process to find a new SCHOOL BOARD GENERAL COUNSEL, reveals the following:

–Marko was on the initial panel to review resumes and short list applicants. Also on the panel the SBBC HR person “who owes Bob [Parks] her job.”

“Notter hired a cadre atty to help design the exit strategy for Marko; Marko got furious at [cadre attorney], accused him of backstabbing, reminded him that only he, Marko, hires and fires cadre counsel, and fired him.”

This source claims Marko and Parks are close friends and allies . Marko and Parks’  “protege” reviewed the resumes. They created  the short list. Source claims this was intentionally delayed until the end of summer.

Source states, “I’m sure the plan was to drag it out till after the new [School Board] came in…. unless Marko is gone, they won’t get any legitimate candidates. I know for a fact Marko put the word out that he wasn’t leaving.”



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