Garretson Calls Kraft “Very Demanding, But Very Cunning”; Notter Applied Pressure too?

From Paula McMahon of Sun-Sentinel:”When Broward School Board member Stephanie Kraft called a top district administrator and told him she wanted a $500,000 break for developers urgently put on the agenda, it was a “very strange” request, the administrator told prosecutors.

Former Deputy Superintendent Michael Garretson testified that the July 2007 phone call, on behalf of developers Bruce and Shawn Chait, was so unusual that he questioned Kraft.

‘So I did ask her what her interest in it was and she said, ‘Oh well, they’re big supporters of mine, the Chaits are,’Garretson testified.’

Garretson’s blunt remarks reveal that he didn’t care for Kraft or her manner, and he branded her a liar.

“She’s a very demanding lady, she’s very smart and very demanding but very cunning, and I don’t know how else to say that,” Garretson said under oath.

“And as a matter of fact, Lois Wexler, the county commissioner, told me long ago when [Kraft] looks at you and she rolls her eyes back in her head and all you can see are the whites of her eyes, she’s lying, and I’ve seen that time and time and time again.”

“Garretson said Superintendent Jim Notter also called him and asked him to put the item on the agenda. Garretson said he assumed that Kraft had called Notter, too.

Notter told prosecutors in a sworn statement in April that he did not remember Kraft calling about the item and that he did not remember any conversation with her about the Chaits until late 2009.”,0,7241255.story


One thought on “Garretson Calls Kraft “Very Demanding, But Very Cunning”; Notter Applied Pressure too?

  1. Notter gotter go too. They say she is so cunning but if her eyeballs roll to the back of her head, like the exorist girl, than they know better not to do what she is asking. They had a big clue!

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