Bob Norman on the case against the Krafts

Mitch Kraft’s biggest mistake may have been calling

board attorney Gabriel directly about getting the Chaits’ mitigation fee reduced by the school board.


“He was asking why we [at the school board] were being so difficult with the developer in terms of the process and how much money it was,” Gabriel testified in a sworn statement with prosecutors. “Specifically he identified Chris Akagbosu as being difficult, and difficult to work with, and [obstinate]. He may have used other words. … He was clearly calling on [the Chaits] behalf.”

Bam. Here you have Mitch Kraft making a call to a contracted school board employee applying pressure for the $500,000 fee mitigation for the Chaits.

Not only that, but it shows us that both of the Krafts called independent witnesses about the same employee, one calling him difficult, the other rogue. Wonder how much pillow talk Akagbosu prompted between those two? Guy should seriously get an award; he’s proof that there’s are a lot of good people working quietly in Broward County who don’t want to tolerate the corrupt buffoons who tend to run it.

read the full story:


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