Help Me Howard, You’re My Only Hope.

You must remember the Ethics/Inspector General boondongle fashioned by Broward Commissioner and Bruno Toniloi-wannabee Stacy Ritter. Most of you probably voted for the scheme that makes it as appear as though some of Broward’s most corrupt want to clean up this place.

It passed but they’ve had problems implementing their scheme. They wanted the US Attorney and the Broward Public Defender to be a part of the committee that would (hand) pick an Inspector General. ( Hey, isn’t Ed Marko available?)

Both declined to join the farce. Howard Finkelstein, Broward Public Defender and WSVN celebrity, has changed his mind; He will reluctantly play ball, but he gave the bad guys in Broward a few shots to the solar plexus.

In a January 4th letter to the interim County Attorney, Help Me Howard lets the County have it good:

“What a mess County government has made.”

“Furthermore, this office believes that such service will require setting aside long held philosophical beliefs. In addition, it will reinforce the fear among the poor people who are obliged to use our office that we are partners with the prosecution. This will create greater challenges for our staff….”

“However, I care about the taxpayers of Broward County. The citizens who voted for the Charter Amendment did so in good faith. They hoped that something might be done to prevent  Commissioners from taking campaign contributions from lobbyists just before critical votes on that lobbyist’s proposal. I witnessed these events personally last year when the County Commission went against the recommendations of the Sheriff,  State Attorney and Public Defender and amended the pretrial release ordinance. All the while, the lobbyist and bail bonds people filled the campaign coffers of some commissioners. In fact, former Mayor Keechl had the audacity to accept contributions during the week of the vote.”

“Yes, the taxpayers of Broward County did not cause this mess. They did not ask for this mess. They thought they had done something  about this mess by adopting the amendment. And yet, again their elected officials have done everything they can to stymie and delay the intentions of their constituents.”

“Their obvious contempt for ethics reform in the face of the strong will of the people of Broward is outrageous.”




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