UPDATED: Local Blogger Targeted By Viral Video Campaign

Instead of reporting political news,  “The Shark Tank“, a local political blog, has become the subject of numerous news reports. With a self-proclaimed conservative bent, The Shark Tank was quite busy leading up to the November election. Javier Manjarres, editor of  The Shark Tank,  became a constant thorn in Charlie Crist’s side.  Soon after, reports emerged alleging The Shark Tank accepted payments from campaigns, including Crist’s opponent, Marco Rubio.

Here is a taste of some the most recent reports:

There have been other serious questions raised about the way “El Sharko” operates. The Political Watchman blog investigated campaign payments made to Shark Tank after liberal blogger Joy Reid first exposed the fact that Marco Rubio had coughed up thousands in advertising dough to Manjarres. Reid learned about it from an anonymous Twitter comment.”  The Daily Pulp, 12/2/2010

And it should be noted that there’s nothing improper or illegal about a campaign hiring a blogger to work for them — fellow Senate candidate Kendrick Meek hired one of Florida’s most prolific liberal bloggers, Kenneth Quinnell for a time, to be his new media outreach director. But when Kenny was blogging for Kendrick, he disclosed it. Manjarres has at times been critical of Rubio campaign strategy, and hasn’t come across as a shill, but it is interesting that at least in the primary, he was allegedly a paid Rubio operative.

MIA Politics, again, via Twitter, has alleged that what Manjarres did for Rubio during the primary was to attend Charlie Crist events and videotape them, both to see who was attending, and to look out for issues that might help or hurt the Rubio campaign. The Reid Report, October 9, 2010

Mr. Manjarres, as we have reported in earlier articles, frequently attacks Republican candidates in primaries, and has a record of only attacking those candidates that do not pay him for advertising space on his site.  Frequently,  positive articles about his clients and negative articles about their opponents only appear once payments are made.”  The Political Watchmen, 11/10/2010

Last week, a cartoon recounting the allegations went viral.  The Shark Tank posted the cartoon in a story regarding the upcoming RPOF elections. Mr. Manjarres alleged the cartoon was emailed to the entire RPOF (Republican Party Of Florida) mailing list. (BCS received link to the story from Shark Tank Facebook group). Mr. Manjarres even hinted the cartoon was retribution for a negative story.

Upon closer inspection of the YouTube channel, there are three videos posted, including this one of Rudy Giuliani and Mr. Manjarres:

While loathe to wade into the partisan side of the pool, Broward CleanSweep believes attack campaigns and dirty tricks lose their power when exposed and dealt with head on. For obvious reasons, we are conflicted in addressing the “anonymous” nature of the video; Anonymity has it’s benefits. Still, if you have a problem with a story, Broward CleanSweep can be contacted numerous ways for rebuttal and correction.

When reached by Broward Cleansweep, Mr. Manjarres replied, “no comment, the video’s creepiness speaks for itself.”


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