Rebuttal to Stacy Ritter

The Daily Pulp writes that everyone’s favorite dancing commissioner, Stacy Ritter, used the Tucson shooting to lob an attack on “bloggers”:

‘There might come a time when somebody is pissed off enough to do what the bloggers want them to do to me, which is to shoot me, and by extension, all of us,’ she said.”

This is what happens when you vote for a hack who hands out sponges & pot holders just because you voted for Harry Truman or FDR. Sadly, those voters don’t read the blogs. The nerve. taking cover under the tragedy in Tucson, in the hopes of silencing the voices that dare to ask questions about you and your husband’s questionable dealings and associations. Ms Ritter, your actions and words are cowardly. Time and Time again, you have failed to stand up for your constituents. You have failed to stand up to special interests and the well-connected. You reward friends with jobs they don’t deserve and punish enemies by locking them out of the process. All the while, you parade around town as some grand dame unaware that the peons are laughing at you. You don’t like people asking why you and Russ and Ilene and Stu are under the microscope? Too bad. You don’t like pics of you dancing in a nightie to the Copacabana? Too bad. You had every chance to shine. You had every chance to lead. You failed your constituents, the Broward taxpayers, and your friends. grow up Stacy.


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