Should Buddy Nevins Follow All The “Bouncing” Checks?

Buddy Nevins operates a local blog covering Broward politics. As a former South Florida Sun-Sentinel political columnist, Nevins has written extensively on the upcoming Plantation mayoral election.

Last November, Mr. Nevins posted, “PLANTATION CANDIDATE ONCE INVOLVED IN NATIONAL CONTROVERSY”, which dealt with unflattering facts about mayoral candidate Warren Medoff. This Monday, he wrote, “FADGEN GETS BURNED TWICE IN PLANTATION MAYOR’S RACE”. Jerry Fadgen, a Plantation Councilman, is running for Mayor. How did Fadgen get “burned”? A campaign contribution to Fadgen, made by check, bounced twice! Just yesterday, Mr. Nevins posted a story about the the third mayoral candidate, Diane Bendekovic.

The Bendekovic story, entitled, “PLANTATION CANDIDATE CLEARED OF ETHICS COMPLAINT FILED BY POLITICAL OPPONENT”, dealt with an investigation regarding undue influence place on city empolyees to support a campaign. Nevins refuses to name the political opponent who filed the complaint, but it’s clearly Warren Medoff. You can read the story for yourself, but one could argue that the tone is pro-Bendekovic.

Now you’re probably asking, “so what Broomie?”

Diane Bendekovic’s Campaign Reports ( show a $75.00 contribution on November 11, 2010 from Frances Nevins. Ms Nevins, a Plantation resident

is listed a the Director of HMMMMM LTD CO. The manager of this Company is Bert Nevins, Jr. They share the same address.

Who is Bert Nevins, Jr.? According to Linkedin, Bert Nevins, Jr. and Buddy Nevins are the same person.

In the three stories mentioned above, Nevins never discloses that Frances Nevins gave Bendekovic money. Nevins did a fourth story on ethics charges against former Councilman Rico Petrocelli. Again, no disclosure from Nevins. Records indicate Frances Nevins gave money to Robin Bartleman in 2008.

Broward CleanSweep attempted to reach Buddy Nevins for comment. We asked if his business partner’s contribution to Bendekovic has influenced his coverage of the Plantation race. If Nevins responds we will issue an update.


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