Buddy Nevins Responds…sort of.

Buddy Nevins did not respond to our request for a comment.  He didn’t approve my comment on his blog either. However, he did add the following to his Bendekovic story:

(Personal disclosure: My wife gave a small contribution to Bendekovic’s campaign.  I stand behind every word I have written about the Plantation mayor’s race.  Her contribution does nothing to change my views, anymore than my son’s work for a Republican state senator or my other son’s campaigning for Democrats.)

Sure $75 ain’t much compared to Bergeron/BTU bucks; But it still buys mailers, signs or phone calls.

The Medoff story is a legit one. I received the same information on Medoff (it didn’t interest me much). But the Fadgen story isn’t “page one” type stuff.  Getting a check that doesn’t clear isn’t uncommon. The headline about Fadgen getting “burned” is at best vague…at worst it’s misleading.

Imagine it’s March 7, a Plantation voter, exercising his due diligence, stumbles across that headline in a Google search; Could that voter get the wrong impression?

Notice how “FADGEN” is prominent in the headline. Now look at the Bendekovic story, no name in the headline. Perhaps someone doesn’t want that same Plantation voter to see Bendekovic and “ethics complaint” in same sentence?Buddy, you mentioned your family, but what about any other personal/professional relationships? Do they influence your coverage of local politics?


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