FACEBOOK to Broomie:Sayonara Sucker

Received this response from Facebook at 5:44am
This is only contact I’ve had with them regarding this matter:


Your account has been disabled because we have determined that you are not representing yourself authentically on Facebook. Fake accounts are a violation of our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities. All accounts must abide by the following policies:

• You must provide your real first name and last name.
• Impersonating anyone or anything is prohibited.
• Profiles created to represent celebrities, pets, ideas, or inanimate objects are strictly prohibited.
• Profiles created for the purpose of spamming or harassing others are strictly prohibited.

People on Facebook want to interact with their real friends and the people they know in the real world. Since fake accounts can damage the integrity of this environment, they are not allowed to remain on the site.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to reactivate this account for any reason, nor will we provide further information about your violation or the systems we have in place. This decision is final and cannot be appealed.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations


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