Whistleblowing-School Board employee, accused of being Broomie, files lawsuit

Long-time readers will recognize the name Michael Marchetti. Back in August 2010, “Broward Conscience”, in an attempt to stop Broward Cleansweep, accused Marchetti of being “Broomie”.  Marchetti and his wife work for the School Board of Broward County. “Broward Conscience” knew all about the Marchettis employment history. The Marchettis were threatened with the loss of their jobs and even arrest. 

The email exchange between Cleansweep and “Broward Conscience” was printed in the Daily Pulp:

“Broward Conscience, 2:28pm:  Delete your account immediately.

Broward CleanSweep, 2:29pm: That’s it? and what do I get in return?

Broward Conscience, 2:30pm: Delete your account immediately.

Broward CleanSweep, 2:37pm: i need assurances. i dont even know who you are.

Broward Conscience, 2:43pm: It does not matter who I am. EVERYONE who controls yours and Valerie’s employment status will know who YOU are and we have documented every post and time of post for the last month.

SIU  [the Broward School Board investigations unit] can and will document your time at work and reconcile with these posts.

You have 10 minutes to delete your account.

Broward CleanSweep, 2:44pm: You could be any punk making a guess.

Broward Conscience, 2:52pm:  Maybe I am and maybe I’m not. Valerie is a confidential secretary to Tom Coates (may he rest in peace) sworn to confidentiality by her employment contract. If it is proven that she fed you confidential information, which we have evidence that she has, you could both be subject to criminal prosecution.

Want to take a chance that I’m just some punk?

Or should I call (754) 321-4800 and ask Dave Hammenn [sic — this is apparently a reference to David Hermann, a School Board project manager who once worked under Marchetti]. what you are doing right now?

No more chit chat. DELETE the account and STAY OFF Facebook. We’ll KNOW if you create another account. Find some other way to practice your activism other than unfairly berating everybody.

Broward CleanSweep, 2:54pm: This isn’t chit chat. I still need assurances. You will drop entire matter if I delete account? How do you know Coates?

Broward Conscience, 2:58pm: Sorry Mr. Marchetti. I would use my computer to update yours and Valerie’s resumes. Then do a search on bondsmen. I have a feeling you are both going to need them.

Broward CleanSweep, 3:00pm: Let’s be reasonable. If don’t know who I’m dealing with I won’t go away. Why don’t you just tell me who you want me to ignore, and we will never need to interact again.

Broward Conscience, 3:02pm: Sorry. You had your chance. Goodbye Mr. Marchetti. Our regrets to Valerie.”


Check out Bob Norman’s story for Marchetti’s reaction at that time.

This Sunday,  The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported that Marchetti filed a whistleblower lawsuit against a who’s who of groups involved in the School Board construction mess. They include:


Padula and Wadsworth

The Weitz Company

Stiles Corp.

Moss and Associates

Beverly Gallagher

and 25 John Does

The lawsuit revolves around a 2006 plan to replace 15 elementary school cafeterias and upgrade air conditioning systems, bus loops, playgrounds and other items.

The original budget was estimated at $65 million but ultimately grew to more than $130 million.

Marchetti alleges the district and the companies negotiated fees that were ‘disproportionately high or not at all permissible,’ causing the state and county to spend sums ‘grossly in excess’ of the usual cost of construction, according to the complaint.



Now who would accuse and threaten this guy? Hmmmmmm



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