“b. Breaches of confidentiality

Sometimes ethical blind spots are revealed not by actions taken but by actions not taken. For example, recent news reports detailed how a website run by a former Board member published confidential background information about a sitting Board member. The information concerned a confidential document that contained a notation that suggested it came from the District’s Special Investigation Unit. Though the breach apparently occured back during the 2006 election cycle, it only came to light in October 2010.

Given the Board’s penchant for micromanaging in other areas we are shocked to see that the Board has taken no action to direct or ask the District to determine who was responsible for the breach; how or why such a breached occured; what policies, if any, were violated; what policies need to be created or strengthened to prevent such a disclosure in the future, and perhaps most importantly–given the regular practice of Board members bypassing chain of command to speak directly to District personnel–whether the breach was the result of Board member action.

This failure to act is either another example of nonfeasance or a failure of the Board to even recognize a serious breach of ethics, if not outright criminal conduct, possibly by one of their own. It may ultimately turn out that there is no misconduct by anyone on the Board or at the District, but the failure to even inquire and demand answers is inexcusable.”


It’s not exactly a Shakespearean tragedy, Broomie’s favorite former School Board member Stephanie Kraft has been caught shilling for the Taravella Drama club. So, In the interests of the kids(and the adults that collect the money 😉 )

J.P. Taravella Presents Much Ado About Nothing!
February 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7PM!

Don’t miss JP Taravella drama department perform one of Shakespeare’s classics, Much Ado About Nothing. The plot centers around, madly in love, Hero and Claudio and, witty and sarcastic lovers, Beatrice and Benedick. Through trickery, the evil villain Don John tries to tear Hero and Claudio’s love apart, causing rumors and mayhem to spread throug…h the town in Messina, Italy. Come see what happens when the power of love is challenged in Shakespeare’s comedic play, Much Ado About Nothing.

Pre-sale tickets are $10 for adults and $7 for students with ID. Cappies and Thespians get in free with proper ID. Pre-sale tickets can be purchased online at Tickets are also available at the box office one hour prior to the show for $12.

The performance will be on February 10th, 11th, and 12th at 7:00PM in the J.P. Taravella Auditorium. JPT is located at 10600 Riverside Dr. Coral Springs, FL 33071.

For more information, please call Lori Sessions at 754- 322-2300 ext. 5772 or email at

Will The New School Board Give Us Any Answers?

The School Board Of Broward County is about to get some new members: Nora Rupert, Patti Good, “Dave” Thomas and Laurie Rich Levinson. Will the taxpayers of Broward County get any new answers?

–Will they find out who leaked Phyllis Hope’s classified security documents to her former opponent? Can they guarantee the secrecy of every School Board employee file?

–Will they address potential conflicts in the Marko/Becker Poliakoff/Laurie Rich Levinson mess?

–Will they address the nepotism at the Transportation Department?

–Will they address misuse of Parent/Child information for electioneering purposes?

–Will they address the use of a well-connected non-profit organization to “educate” our children about politics?

–Will they address formation of non-profits and charities by sitting School Board members?

LEVINE story from Channel 10…Why does “DAVE” THOMAS think this is funny???

“So I took his hand and he squeezed it really hard and pulled me close and said, ‘Don’t ever question my honesty or integrity again’ and he wouldn’t let go,” Levine told Local 10’s Roger Lohse. “And finally I just had to say loudly, ‘Let go of my hand, you’re hurting me,’ and he just threw it down, turned his back and said, ‘I did no such thing,'” she said.It happened Tuesday night at the All County Music Store in Tamarac, which hosted a debate between the two candidates. There were a few people who actually witnessed the handshake but many more witnessed Levine’s reaction afterward.”Jaemi was hurt that night,” said witness Bob Sutton, who claims Levine was clearly upset when he tried to have a picture taken of himself with the candidates.”Jaemi was complaining that she was injured, that she was hurting, and Dave was saying, ‘Don’t worry, I’m not going touch you, I’m not going to touch you,'” Sutton said.