Broomie Rides Again?

Anything new going on with the School Board Of Broward County?



Is Laurie Rich Levinson Feeling Heat From Pro-Charlie Crist Democrats?

The drama swirling around Nan Rich’s snub by Florida Democrat’s Jefferson Jackson Dinner organizers fails to note the affect on her daughter, School Board chairperson Laurie Rich Levinson. Senator Nan Rich wants to be Florida’s next governor. Florida Democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Allison Tant realize Rich has no chance at beating Governor Rick Scott. They’re hoping former Governor Charlie Crist will beat Scott.

Wasserman Schultz has always been supportive of Rich and Levinson. A Democratic Party insiders tells Broomie that Ms. Levinson may have challengers for her school board seat. This would be very surprising. Is this a proverbial shot across the Rich/Levinson bow?

The Charlie Crist bandwagon knows how to play hardball. Our guess is there will be lots of heated phone calls and tense meetings at Terese Nipon’s estate.

Don’t count out Levinson and the Weston Red Shirts.


Stephanie Kraft Off Da Hook?

Its a New Year, but Broward still disappoints. Trusted Broomie source says Mitch and Stephanie Kraft may never face justice thanks to it being an election year.

Broward elects a state attorney in November. Source says no one wants to upset any portion of the electorate.

Even the voters who think Stephanie is just swell.


New Donna at the School Board of Broward County?

Sure “It’s easy to be cynical” is the unofficial Broward motto, but we must never lose faith. The good guys have been making progress.
Herbst was shamed into NOT applying for Notter’s job.
Ann Murray is a racist punchline.
Maureen Dinnen has been exposed as a self serving hypocrite.
Bartleman has been doing the right things and asking the right questions.
Perhaps even “Dave” Thomas saw the light and bolted at the first opportunity.
Heck, i hold out hope that JenJen is doing the right thing
I must give credit to Rick Scott. He could have made two horrible picks.

Hopefully Korn has unhitched her wagon to Nipon’s falling star. Krafty has to be singing a new tune to keep her ass in Coral Springs. I hear the the folks with badges know all about Fresh Air.

I believe people can change. Sometimes, the bad guys can decide to do the right thing. Even in Broward.


It was no handshake, but “Dave” Thomas is quitting his new job at the school board. Sounds like BS to me. Did Cyndi quit her post too? Did someone make him an offer he couldn’t refuse? Maybe he gave up some good info on Kraft/Nipon and/or Lieberman?

As for Ms. Gottlieb, I’m hearing her official excuse is “family” but the real reason is a doozy!